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Give Back Smiles

Treating cavities might seem routine, but for refugee kids, it can have a huge impact. It means no pain. It means self-confidence. It means smiling like other kids and teenagers do. 


In the upheaval of fleeing, dental health often can't be kept up. Up to 95% of Ukrainian refugee children in Poland suffer from cavities. This is why we are taking targeted action and financing dental care for Ukrainian orphans being cared for at Ostoya Roztocze in Poland.

By financing dental treatments for refugee children, we try to #BringBackSmiles, eliminate daily pain, and bring back self-confidence. With the support of our donors, we have already paid for the dental treatment of 46 children, with an average of five cavities each. 


 of Ukrainian refugee children in Poland have cavities.


the number of children  already  treated by the association. 


the average number of cavities per child treated by the association.


the cost of treating a cavity.

Help us treat the children at OstoYa roztocze

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