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🌟 Big day coming up! 🌟

On the 13th of December, Association Nouvelle Chance and Association Ukr'Aime are organising a heartwarming event for refugee children to celebrate the season of giving and unity.

This special day is all about bringing smiles and laughter to these incredible young souls. 🎉 Through games, stories, small gifts and festive treats, we aim to provide a joyful escape and a sense of belonging.

Our initiative is a reminder of the power of community and compassion. It's about showing these children that they are not alone, that there is an ocean of joy and hope. By sharing moments of happiness, we want to show these children that they are valued and loved.

Let's inspire more acts of kindness and support for those who need it most. Let's all play our part in creating a welcoming world where every child, regardless of their journey, can experience the joy and wonder of childhood.

Kindness and inclusivity can make a world of difference.

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