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What does solidarity look like?

Last week, over 300 people filled every bench, booth, and lodge of the Oxford University Church for the Oxford Festival Orchestra's charitable concert for the Association Nouvelle Chance. Thanks to their generous support, on the eve of one year since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we were able to raise over £3,100 to help continue our mission of caring for the children made most vulnerable by the world's conflicts. It was deeply moving to see so many people unite in solidarity at such a fantastic concert.

We would like to thank the entirety of the Oxford Festival Orchestra for their tremendous performance and for supporting our cause, with special thanks to the incredible guest musicians Wissam Boustany, principal of the European Chamber Orchestra, and Karin Norlen, former violist at the London Symphony Orchestra. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the work and talent of the conductor, Felix Kirkby. It is thanks to such trust and generosity from such incredible people that we are able to continue doing our work.

We are looking forward to many evenings like this one to come.

The Association Nouvelle Chance

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