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Who we are

The Association Nouvelle Chance is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, dedicated to providing long-term, systematic, and sustainable support to refugee children to help them integrate and live a decent life in their new place of settlement. We aim to identify children in particular need, get to know them, understand how we can help, and respond by creating the right program at the right time.

If this aim speaks to you, Association Nouvelle Chance is the right place to do it for three key reasons:

  1. With a history in audit, core members of the association are able to select organisations and cases that you can trust to carry out vital work to help the most vulnerable

  2. We are tax exempt until 2027, so all money will go directly to the cause intended

  3. We run on a volunteer basis so that the maximum benefit can go to those in need

In 2022 the charity kicked off with a campaign to support dental care for Ukrainian children in Poland. By the end of 2022, twenty three children have benefitted from aid, however, there is still significant work to be done, with the number of children fleeing from Ukraine increasing day to day.

Looking to 2023, a new campaign titled "The Sound of Joy" will be launched, focussing on Switzerland, where Association Nouvelle Chance will look to support refugee children to pursue passions they may have been forced to give up while fleeing, particularly music.

Finally, the charity would like to note that its work is, and has been, only made possible by a fantastic network of friends, colleagues, neighbours, and YOU. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this journey.



We are a group of people with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we have the right skills, great motivation and a fantastic network of friends, co-workers, neighbours, and YOU – all of the people sharing our purpose.  


We are represented and managed by our dynamic Board:

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