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Nouvelle Chance

New Chance is a charity organisation based in Switzerland, dedicated to providing long-term aid to particularly vulnerable refugee children. 

Our Values

Our values guide every decision we make and every interaction we have with our donors, partners and colleagues.
Insight driven:  We act with attention and consideration for the very specific needs of the children and their guardians in difficult situations. We listen to their needs and help with best-considered options
Fostering Trust: We aim to build trust, solidarity, and partnership with those who share our passion. We seek to create direct connections between donors and beneficiaries
Curious: We seek out new ideas and diverse perspectives. We are transparent, welcoming, and passionate about learning and improving

What makes us different:

When working with Association Nouvelle Chance there are a few things you can rely on:

  1. We get to know the children we are working with

  2. We are volunteer-run, so 100% of donations can go to helping beneficiaries

  3. We are passionate about what we do and always looking for ways to improve


Our campaigns focus on providing targeted help directly to the children who receive it. We use our network to identify needs on the ground and build our campaigns from there. Our current mission has two branches. In Switzerland, we work on providing long-term financial support to talented refugee children to pursue their passion for sports and music. In Poland, our "Bring Back Smiles" campaign finances urgent dental care for refugee children.

We are looking to raise money to expand our "Give Back Smiles" campaign across Poland. Our campaign started in Ostoya Roztocze, where we have already treated 42 refugee orphans with an average of 5 cavities each. With your help and support, want to treat the remaining 20 children at Ostoya and expand our campaign to the Polish city of Wrocław.

Our goals

GIVE TODAY to bring a smile to more children

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