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How are we brining some joy to refugee kids who we support?

Refugee children need more than shelter, health care and education. Joy is essential in their lives.

Joy helps them heal, reduce stress, and build resilience.

Joy creates connections, friendships, and a support network.

We believe in the power of joy, and recently, we organised an exhilarating kayaking weekend for the children we support. Witnessing their radiant smiles and hearing their laughter as they paddled through the water was truly heartwarming. By providing this thrilling adventure, we not only brought them immense joy but also fostered a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie among them.

Together, we can continue supporting programs which are important for them. We keep prioritising taking care of their health, but moving on, we also want to take care of their emotional needs. By bringing joy into their lives, whether through kayaking adventures or other activities, we empower them and help build brighter futures.

Want to bring a bit of joy to +40 kids who we support? Please donate to our Association Nouvelle Chance. It is super easy and you can find our QR-code on our LinkedIn site or on our site

You can also join us. All help is welcome!

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