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How much does it take to bring a smile from ear to ear to a child?

What is saved by a little gesture, such as skipping one's meal in a restaurant or not drinking one's coffee for a week, helps bring about a game changing treatment for the refugee kids. It takes our association on average 40 Euros to treat one tooth. Of course, a healthy smile will not solve all the problems our kids are faced with, but it is one of the fundamentals which impact the quality of their lives.

Up to 95% of Ukrainian refugee children have dental problems. Among refugee orphans, this issue is even greater. The kids we are taking care of had, on average, 5 teeth each which require treatment.

Thanks to the support that our association has received from donors we have extended our program #SmileFromEarToEar to Ivan, Stanislav, Vadym, Sergiy, Mykola, Oksana, Bogdan, Anatolia and Yurii this month! More kids are waiting.

If you would like to help in any other way please contact us. We appreciate any help!

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