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Introducing the "180KM for 180 Smiles" President's Cycling Challenge! 🚲💨

Dear Nouvelle Chance community,

We are excited to share an upcoming charity event that embodies the spirit of resilience, determination, and philanthropy that this association stands for. Our President Beata will be taking on an awe-inspiring personal challenge to aid our cause - a 180KM cycling journey around Geneva Lake, all in a single day!

The "180KM for 180 Smiles" challenge will take place on June 25th. With every kilometer conquered, our supporter aims to bring us one step closer to raising much-needed funds for our #BringBackSmiles program. This initiative focuses on providing essential dental care to refugee children suffering from cavities.

The goal is to raise 7,200 CHF, with each kilometer cycled equating to 40 CHF - the cost of treating a single tooth. Your support can help us turn this ambitious target into a reality, and in doing so, restore the smiles of these deserving children.

This event is an embodiment of our mission - to uplift and support those in need through acts of kindness and compassion. If you're inspired by this initiative, we would highly appreciate you to contribute and spread the word. Every donation, big or small, makes a significant impact. Please scan the below attached QR code or visit our GivenGain campaign

We are incredibly grateful for our dedicated community of supporters. Your commitment fuels these initiatives and helps us create a better future for these children. Join us on this journey and help us bring about positive change. Together, we can make a real difference and #BringBackSmiles!

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