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It is really complicated!

One can think that going with a child to a dentist might be stressful but generally it is a relatively simple process. Now think how it is when it comes to a refugee child, whose parents are not there with them and there is no easy and free access to a dentist.

If on top such child lives in a temporarily shelter in a remote location, with no public transportation to the nearest dentist, it becomes a real challenge.

The kids our association is taking care of face all these problems. This is why organising their dental care is not only costly but it is also a real logistical challenge. They go far to see their doctor. They always go in a small groups of 2 or 3 and while one of them is treated, others wait and play - like Vitalij in the picture.

But step by step we are taking care of them. We made another step on the journey last week but we still have many kids to take care of. Together we can help to treat all of them. Together we can give them a #SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR.

If you want to contribute please contact us. Any help and any good idea is always welcome!

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